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Only 4 more days XDD


OGM look how Nanao-san blushes!!!
Sooooooooo cute <3333

I really want to go to Japan with my family. Sitting under the sakura trees, talking, watching the flower....
It looks so peaceful ^^

Really can't wait!


Release date: 22/05/2013

The Bride Of The Water God


This manga is sooooo beautiful XD

There are so many thing that I love about this movie <3

Happy Birthday ^^


Today is my friend's birthday. She's very kind and sweet.
Wish you all the best my friend.

some random post ^^


It's been a long time since I last read a non yaoi-related manga
I read manga when I was a kid
before I knew about yaoi, my favorite mangas were Slam Dunk, Handsome na Kanojo, Yamada Tarou Monogatari, Conan.... and many more
I was addicted to them so much that my mom used to ban me from reading any mangas hahaha, 'cause I could read them all day, so she was afraid I couldn't focus on studying
but I still had my way, I hid them in a secret place and read them  when she wasn't home
How can you stop when you're so addicted to something ? XD
It makes me laugh when remembering this memory
I still love them now, I still can feel the joy and excitement when reading them
ahhhhh I miss my childhood

Mujihi na Karada


this is all I've ever wanted XD
thank you sooooooo much Sakuraga Mei sensei for continuing this sweet love story
I'm so in love with Nanao and Aikawa <3 <3 <3
I'm so happy now even though I don't understand a thing the characters say in the first chapter ^^
hope some scanlation group will work on this series soon

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone <3
wish you had a warm Christmas with the people you love XD

beautiful art


when i first saw this picture, i was completely head over heels for it <3
i immediately thought : " OMG sooooooo beautiful, what's this manga's name? who's the author?..."
and then i found out what i wanted to know (by chance ^^)
it's Mio Junta sensei's work
i looked for all her works on MU and i was so happy that some series were stranlated into english <3
of course the rest is in chinese raw TT.TT
damn i wish i could understand chinese